Produce Wastewater Treatment

Increases in EPA regulation and waste water surcharges are changing the financial landscape for produce processors. Federal funds that once supported waste water treatment for counties and cities are drying up.

Our wastewater treatment systems use heat transfer from refrigeration units to raise water temperature and create an efficient environment for anaerobic digester tanks. Water is then routed through a dissolved air flotation (DAF)/skimming process and separate water free of BOD’s from a dry sludge that can be safely dumped at a landfill.

It’s environmentally friendly, and it reduces your waste management costs (see case study at bottom).

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Produce Waste Water Case Study

Current Situation

  • Process & Sanitary Discharge
  • 215 K/gpd Discharge
  • Water Discharge Temp 340
  • Average Mo Penalty $ 22,600
  • Reduce Monthly Discharge of BOD/COD By 50% Over the Next 8 Years to Meet New City Restrictions and Avoid Monthly Penalties.
  • AWPI Reuse System 160 K/gpd
  • Treat 55.6 K/gpd Process Waste
  • Heat Exchange Process Flow
  • Bio-Tank Equilization
  • DAF removel
  • Belt Press Separation of Solids
  • Ozone Post Treatment Sludge
  • AWPI Price $12 K/gal
  • $155.066 Annual Savings
  • System Oper Cost Included
  • <0.4 ROI
  • 8 Years Lease agreement